Good Feng Shui is the flow and containment of energy and is referred to as Qi (chi). Placing yourself in a good Feng Shui environment brings luck in relationships, business and health.


·        Sea Salt Wash

Wash all of the doorknobs in your house with a sea salt and water mixture. This cleanses and gives you a clean fresh start for the holidays.


·        Music

Beautiful music changes the energy in a home. It changes the vibration of energy and is a mood lifter.


·        Un-clutter

If you will be entertaining in your den or living room this season, a cluttered room will block the flow of Qi. The energy in this room should be for gathering and stimulating good times so start organizing!


·        Aromatherapy

Different scents create different energies that enhance certain activities. Create your own mixtures for the desired affects:

Lavender-perfect to energize when you are tired during the holiday rush. Relaxes, soothes

Cloves-stimulates speech and leads to fascinating conversations

Dill-settles restlessness

Ginger-warming and improves concentration

Lemon-clears mind of unwanted thoughts, purifies


·        Offset the energy near the fireplace

Rooms with fireplaces are warm and lucky. Rearrange your chairs so they are not directly facing the fire. Put a plant on each side of the fireplace or a mirror above it to keep the energy flowing evenly.


·        Eat your soup

The best food in the cold months is soup. It keeps the inner energy warm and it is easy to digest during the winter months when your organs are supposed to be resting. Soups also fill you up so you don’t overly consume high calorie fatty foods. Enjoy!



 ·        Decorate with Purple

  Add some purple to your holiday decorations. The vibration of this color is the luckiest of all colors. Symbolizes: wealth, power, abundance, courage, respect and good fortune.


·        Fresh Flowers

Looking for love this holiday? Fill your home with fresh flowers. Red, pink and apricot colors are sure to bring the glow of romance to your life.


·        Gather around a round table

A round table is sure to bring a great time for all as energy flows smoothly around your guests. It is inclusive and makes for an engaging gathering where everyone participates!


·        Wind Chime

The perfect place for a wind chime or plant is by your front door. This is where gusts of energy enter your home. A wind chime or plant will slow the energy down as it enters and create a harmonious home. Be sure to choose a sound that is pleasing to you.