Feng Shui Turtle

Feng Shui Turtle

Have you noticed that everyone looks exhausted? So many dreams have been shattered this year.

Many have spent a lifetime building financial security and looking toward retirement –a well deserved time of comfort and peace of mind. This has disappeared like a shooting star. Reach up to touch it and it is gone forever. We question ourselves and our lives. The worry tape plays in our minds over and over. How can I create more income? Can I cut corners and survive?  Should I start a new business? Will I find a job? Am I be able to pay my bills? Repeat, repeat, repeat… No one can sleep when they are in “fight or flight” mode!

The symptoms of sleep deprivation are easily recognizable. You may be irritable, finding it hard to focus, feeling pessimistic, forgetting names, gaining a few pounds, finding it hard to get up in the morning and so low on energy, that it is difficult to get through your day. Dark rings, puffy around the eyes and lack- luster skin and hair can be attributed to sleeplessness. Sleep fuels your mind and body, so you can look and feel healthy and optimistic.

You may find yourself counting sheep, but one looks like your ex-boss, your stockbroker or your landlord. If just the thought of getting into your bed gives you anxiety, follow my tips for a better night’s sleep.

 1. Put limits on your electronic life. No more work, computer, Blackberry or telephone calls after a certain time. STICK TO IT! I shut down at 9:00 P.M. The world can wait until the morning. My T.V. is off at 10:00. That’s what DVR’s are for!

2. Set up a bedtime routine:

Try a warm scented bath by candlelight and beautiful relaxing music.

3. Your bed should be up against a wall which is called a “Black Turtle” in Feng Shui. A window behind your bed can disrupt your sleep because energy (Chi) around windows, moves very quickly and can be the cause of restless sleep.

4. Check that the door to the bedroom is easily seen from your bed, so nightmares do not sneak up on you.

5. A solid wood headboard is very supportive and a better choice than a metal headboard that conducts electricity and electro-magnetic fields. Both electricity and electro-magnetic fields are detrimental to your health and a good night’s sleep.

6. Mirrors bounce energy (Chi) around the room which is very unsettling. Try to keep only one mirror in your bedroom and do not place it opposite your bed. Use that area (The Red Bird) for a beautiful photograph or painting. Choose carefully because the Red Bird represents your future.

7. Shut off your BlackBerryand your cell. If you must leave them on, put them in another room because they produce electro-magnetic fields that are off the charts!!

8. Remove all family photographs from this room. Your bedroom is a private sanctuary for you or for you and your partner ONLY. Children, parents, friends and loved ones who have passed on, do not belong in this room.

9. No work papers or computers should be in your bedroom. If you must have your work in this room (studio apartment) it should be in a cabinet that can close at night. If this is not possible, find a beautiful throw or fabric and cover your work area at night.

10. Disconnect anything electric in your bedroom before you go to bed. Pull plugs out of the wall! Switch your alarm clock to a battery operated one. Why? Electricity interferes with your sleep. As soon as I disconnected, I started to sleep like a puppy.

 Allow your bedroom to support your blissful night’s sleep. Have a cup of Chamomile or Peppermint tea. Listen to a guided meditation CD. Read something LIGHT or do an EASY word puzzle, until your eyelids get heavy. Shut your light and cuddle up in all natural fiber night clothes and bed linens. Sleep baby sleep…