IMG_0957Everyone is going through changes! The Chinese calendar shows us that we are in the 6th year of an Age 8 period in time. (An Age lasts for 20 years in total) An Age 8 is the most auspicious and interesting time to be alive. The past year has been a cleansing for us economically and well as socially. We have begun to shed excess and now are entertaining the more serious questions. How do I want to spend the rest of my career-my life? If I have to cut back, I need to decide what is really important to me. As the dust clears, I hope that we find ourselves living our life’s purpose. Research shows that happiness and health are supported by our relationships and shared experiences. Hug your child, laugh with a friend, smile when you think of your gifts. We are on our way to better days! Debra Duneier, President of Living Home by Debra, LLC