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We all have the opportunity to have several homes. No, I am not talking about buying real estate. I am talking about the public spaces available to all of us. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that there are many opportunities to find the energy and balance we need right in our own city and surrounding areas. The real blessing of technology is that we can do our work anywhere—on a blanket in a state park, on a seaside rock, in a library, restaurant, museum or even a sculpture garden. Most cities have a rich plethora of environments to choose from. I love my city apartment in Manhattan. It is perfect for me in many ways. However, living in the heart of “the city that never sleeps” is not generally the most relaxing place to be. New York’s fast-paced, vibrant, 24/7 energy is very “yang.” On the positive side, it offers endless activities, opportunities and cultural events—a diverse, ever-changing smorgasbord of people, places and things. But whew! Sometimes just thinking about it can exhaust me.

To help keep my life in true balance, I also have a second home, one that slows me down and helps me connect and stay in tune with “yin” energy- nature’s moons, tides, rhythms and seasons. Our yin and yang (masculine and feminine) energies are interdependent and complement each other, representing
the polarities of the universe and the ever-changing balance of life. One EcoChi principle is that a second home can and should be an opportunity to create a natural balance between these two opposite but complementary and equally
necessary energies. My second home is on the North Fork of Long Island just 1 ½ hours from the city. Over the last 10 years I have stayed at friend’s homes,
rented motel rooms for a night, did weekends at a B&B and even have taken rides out just for the day. Eventually I rented a tiny house for 2 weeks and ultimately bought a “handyman special” that is a short walk to the beach surrounded by trees, vineyards and organic farms.

However, what I am talking about here does not require the deed to an actual house! A viable option, and one that may even be preferable, is to

make an agreement with yourself that you will explore nearby neighborhoods and the outlying community until you find a public space—or several spaces— that offer you the balance you need. Change your energy—and thus your mood—by heading out to a café, museum, library, park or beach. Vary your environment from time to time and I promise you that you will be pleasantly surprised. The only limit is your imagination and willingness to explore other areas both near and far to find the balance of yin and yang you desire in your life.

(EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience,Chapter 10)

Take a few moments to share with me stories of your favorite second home!

The Stable House
The Stable House

I believe in the law of attraction when it comes to real estate. Like a magnet, unique Manhattan properties that are rich with history, find me. I have always found beauty in diversity and a desire to wander off the beaten path. Mother of two brilliant artists, I know beauty when I see it. My son is a gifted writer and director, my daughter a talented jewelry designer.  I am thankful every day that I am lucky enough to work in the world’s capital, New York. Even in this challenging market, I am grateful to be able to show properties that I love. These properties have a life of their own:

3 Great Jones Horse Stable-Noho

Built in 1844 this 2000 Sq Ft Loft is magical. Walk through the private gated alley and toward the original 14ft barn doors which still serves as the entrance to the Stable House. Since the 1950’s tenants have included Charles Mingus-jazz musician, Mark Rothko-painter, and the puppet maker Kermit Love who was contracted to create the puppets of Sesame Street. Kermit the Frog was born here.  Old New York tales of Shinbone Alley are shared in many city narratives. This was the site if one of America’s first comic strips, Archie and Mehetibal. Written by Don Marquis, this was a story of a cockroach and a cat that lived in Shinbone Alley. The alley was also a location for many movies including two Spike Lee movies and the First Wives Club. With the wood burning fireplace, it has the feeling of a private home and has the added plus of being a Live/Work property.

291 Seventh Avenue Penthouse Apartment-Chelsea

Across the street from the Fashion Institute of Technology is a discrete entrance to 291. A keyed elevator brings you up to the 4900 SQ Ft duplex loft that feels like a grand townhouse in the sky. The high ceilings and skylights create an airy, light space that takes your breath away. Wow, is the best description of this property as you walk across the glass floor of the second level that captures every ray of light and leads to the private rooftop terrace. Available outdoor space is over 2000 Sq Ft with open city views. The home of the first woman President of Ralph Lauren,  and her husband who is an accomplished artist, this property shows their flair for good living. In a city where apartments are often talked about as boxes, this space is extraordinary. I live my passion and my passion brought me here…The Penthouse.

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