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Family life is often centered on food. There are special foods associated with holiday gatherings, seasonal celebrations and even recipes passed down from one generation to the next. Today feeding our family can be a challenge since many of us have dietary restrictions based on health conditions, preferences, and beliefs. There are even people taking a strong political position by consciously using the power of their dollar when choosing the food they put in their body. You may have family members, who are diabetic or have nut or gluten allergies. Then there are people who keep kosher, vegetarians, pesca-tarians as well as those eating macrobiotic foods, raw, raw-vegan and others who will eat meat…but only grass-fed. What is a parent to do?

Growing up in Detroit Michigan area, like most young women, Veronica Bosgraaf struggled with body image and with making healthy choices when it came to eating and exercising.  When she became a mom, Veronica was frustrated by the lack of healthy packaged, convenient foods in the markets. She wanted an organic, raw, healthful and delicious snack to throw into her daughter’s lunch bag and so she headed for the kitchen and created it herself. She calls it Pure.



Made with Only Real, Simple, Whole Ingredients

Minimally Processed

Contains Some to All Organic Ingredients



Non-GMO Project Verified

Certified Kosher

Full of Fiber & Protein, plus Antioxidants & Omega-3s


Chocolate Brownie

Cherry Cashew

Wild Blueberry

Apple Cinnamon

Cranberry Orange

Banana Coconut

NEW! Dark Chocolate Berry


  • All ingredients are certified organic – All the ingredients are grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides.
  • Pure bars are between cold-processed, which allows them to retain higher levels of nutrient density and enzyme activity.
  • Instead of refined sugars, organic Agave nectar is used. This nectar, harvested from the Blue Agave plant, looks and tastes just like honey without significantly raising your blood sugar.
  • Walnuts can be found in each flavor. They provide a-linolenic omega-3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient. Omega 3’s are the good fats that help with brain function, stabilize cholesterol levels and protect against heart disease.
  • Almonds are rich in vitamin E, a tremendously heart-healthy vitamin. Almonds also work as a natural preservative, giving the bars added shelf life.

Food nourishes, rejuvenates and heals when at its best. Serve your family foods that are free of preservatives, artificial ingredients, harmful additives and Trans Fats. Serve family and friends more organic fruits and vegetables.

In many cultures it is believed that food is love. Pure Bar is love in a wrapper.

North Fork, Long Island

KKs Farm Stand

As the creator of EcoChi some might say that I am a pioneer. I believe that there is a universal consciousness and that we are
headed towards a more holistic way of living. I see it all around me and hear it from my clients, family and friends, I write about it, and speak about it.

If you are one of those people like me, who believes that there are no accidents then this unremarkable story  is just that-I was where I was supposed to be in that moment. On the North Fork of Long Island I stopped at a roadside farm stand called KKs and found a treasure.  The vegetables were the discovery and they were like no other produce I had ever seen or eaten. Each one boasted its own unique natural beauty and taste. These full flavored gifts of the earth surprised my taste buds.  The delightful,
light, multi green lettuces had a spicy personality and then there was the gentle sweetness of a lemon cucumber (round and yellow in color) never overwhelming, and always beautiful to look at on the plate.
This produce is organic-but not just organic. They are biodynamic vegetables that take organic to a whole new level. Biodynamic farmers believe that the soil, mother earth and even the universe have a life force. Utilizing this energy or Chi they plant their crops with intention and claim that they taste better, are more natural, and deliver more nutrients. These farmers use nature’s own pesticides and fertilizers and stay clear of artificial, chemical treatments. Wow! This is like “feng shui for farming” which is right up my alley, and I am not alone…
The east end of Long Island has a community of biodynamic farms, vineyards and even beekeepers! Nothing tastes
like raw honey from the Hampton’s Honey Company. Many of the gourmet restaurants out east both new and established are choosing to serve biodynamic produce, wine and honey whenever possible. Prices are higher than on traditionally grown fruits and vegetables but it adds so much to the food experience many are willing to pay the price. However there are some that
are skeptical.  Even though these growers are certified biodynamic-how different can the veggies and fruits taste? I invite you to explore this subject and send me a note with your opinions and experiences.
As a feng shui practitioner I work with energies. Some can be seen-like the arrangement of furniture and some energy cannot be seen. My clients’ stories speak for themselves and prove over and again that there is more to life than what we see.  I believe that there is a universal consciousness and that we are headed towards a more holistic way of farming, eating and living. May the essence of the foods of the season bring you health and joy!

We all have the opportunity to have several homes. No, I am not talking about buying real estate. I am talking about the public spaces available to all of us. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that there are many opportunities to find the energy and balance we need right in our own city and surrounding areas. The real blessing of technology is that we can do our work anywhere—on a blanket in a state park, on a seaside rock, in a library, restaurant, museum or even a sculpture garden. Most cities have a rich plethora of environments to choose from. I love my city apartment in Manhattan. It is perfect for me in many ways. However, living in the heart of “the city that never sleeps” is not generally the most relaxing place to be. New York’s fast-paced, vibrant, 24/7 energy is very “yang.” On the positive side, it offers endless activities, opportunities and cultural events—a diverse, ever-changing smorgasbord of people, places and things. But whew! Sometimes just thinking about it can exhaust me.

To help keep my life in true balance, I also have a second home, one that slows me down and helps me connect and stay in tune with “yin” energy- nature’s moons, tides, rhythms and seasons. Our yin and yang (masculine and feminine) energies are interdependent and complement each other, representing
the polarities of the universe and the ever-changing balance of life. One EcoChi principle is that a second home can and should be an opportunity to create a natural balance between these two opposite but complementary and equally
necessary energies. My second home is on the North Fork of Long Island just 1 ½ hours from the city. Over the last 10 years I have stayed at friend’s homes,
rented motel rooms for a night, did weekends at a B&B and even have taken rides out just for the day. Eventually I rented a tiny house for 2 weeks and ultimately bought a “handyman special” that is a short walk to the beach surrounded by trees, vineyards and organic farms.

However, what I am talking about here does not require the deed to an actual house! A viable option, and one that may even be preferable, is to

make an agreement with yourself that you will explore nearby neighborhoods and the outlying community until you find a public space—or several spaces— that offer you the balance you need. Change your energy—and thus your mood—by heading out to a café, museum, library, park or beach. Vary your environment from time to time and I promise you that you will be pleasantly surprised. The only limit is your imagination and willingness to explore other areas both near and far to find the balance of yin and yang you desire in your life.

(EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience,Chapter 10)

Take a few moments to share with me stories of your favorite second home!

When we connect with nature we feel happier and regain our natural rhythm. All ofour senses become alive and we are reminded of our innate ability to heal ourselves.I created the EcoChi® system-because I was searching for ways to heal in my own life. I am excited to share this new concept with you blending both the ancient and the modern disciplines of Classical Feng Shui, Green and Sustainable Living and Environmental Psychology. EcoChi allows you to design the healthy life that you desire by bringing nature’s elements indoors in a whole new way.


“What you see is what you get.” What do you look at every day?

Art: beautiful pictures of nature on your wall will create a peaceful, healing environment.

Plants: Indoor trees and plants are not only pleasurable to look at but bring additional health benefits. Plants purify the air through tiny pores in their leaves that act as air filters.


  • Nature: Listening to the sounds of nature on a CD has a healing affect on us-very soothing…  If you are in the country or close to the beach open the windows or doors so you can listen to the birds, ocean, wind and rain.
  • Music: Play music that makes you happy, and smile. Studies                          

 have shown that smiling improves your health, your stress level and your attractiveness!


Infants cannot survive without the human touch. For maximum health human beings need to touch and be touched.

  • Massage: Bring home massage oil from your favorite spa      warm it over a candle and massage your feet, legs and hands before starting your day. 
  • Clothing: Choose natural fibers. You will feel the difference when it touches your skin because organic fabrics are gentle and breathe.


Healing with aromatherapy is so pleasurable and easy.

  • Incense and Candles:  Utilize them to recreate the healing scents of flowers, fresh rain and the ocean air which are essential to our well being.
  • Food: Nothing reminds us of good times like the smell of chocolate chip cookies in the oven. Try a variety of ingredients like vanilla or cinnamon and experiment with baking an old family recipe.


Your path to healing can begin right on the tip of your tongue!       

  • Sweet, Salt, Bitter or Sour: It takes all kinds of tastes to keep us happy and healthy. Give in to your cravings within reason. Your body tells you what you need. Choose healthy options like fruits to satisfy a sweet tooth or sea salt to gratify your desire for salt.
  • Organic produce: There is nothing like the taste of home grown vegetables and fruits. Live in the city or have no garden?   Grow           food and herbs in organic soil near your window. They smell great, taste good, nourish and heal you!

  “EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience”  AVAILABLE SPRING 2011

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