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Available September 17, 2011

I created the EcoChi system of design because I needed it in my own life. EcoChi is a lifestyle shift that meticulously blends the powerful ancient and modern lessons of classical feng shui, green and sustainable living and environmental psychology to revolutionize how people feel when they are in a building.

In Eastern philosophy, it is believed that life and the natural world are inseparable from one another. As we become more attentive to nature, we become more aware of ourselves. During my studies, I realized that if I could find ways to bring nature’s elementsinto indoor spaces, it would change the energy and the effects on the inhabitants and would be extremely positive with the following benefits:

  • Attainment of personal goals such as wealth, love, happiness
  • Physical and mental well-being
  • Moving forward after a loss or crisis
  • Taking back the reins of control over one’s life
  • Living in harmony and balance

When applied to businesses, it adds other benefits:

  • Improving ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Happier employees resulting in lower turnover
  • Healthier working environment and reduced absenteeism
  • Satisfied customers and brand loyalty
  • Environmental responsibility for our planet and lower energy costs

Energy patterns are affected by many factors, all working in tandem. This can include the colors and shapes wechoose, the positioning of furniture, lighting, floor plan, the site, and even the size and location of doors and windows. The way the space will be utilized also factors in as does its history. What has happened in that space? Were toxic paints, materials, finishes or adhesives used in building or renovating? Was there success in that space, or did the last business fail? So many variables enter into the equation, including the basic fact that energy isalways in a state of flux. For this reason, making sure an office has good nurturing energy, enhancing that positive energy, and, when necessary, containing or eliminating the stressful energy, is an essential part of the
EcoChi process. Here are some tips which you can implement yourself:

Tip 1- The energy of water is most closely linked to prosperity. Place a water feature, such as a fountain or a miniature waterfall, in the southwest corner of your office and watch greater abundance enter your life. Remember to always keep the water and the fountain clean.

Tip 2- Clutter clogs up potential! Organize your office and you change the energy flow and clear the way for new business, success and prosperity.

Tip 3- Position your desk chair so that your back is up against a wall and you can see your office door. This position is called the “Mountain Energy” in
feng shui. This is the energy of support and protection for you and your business.

By implementing the EcoChi system, you can open doors to new energy that will advance you professionally
and bring greater joy to all aspects of your life!

Written by Debra Duneier for the Women’s Leadership Exchange


On November 13, 2008 in New York City, high powered, intelligent and successful women gathered at the Sheraton to share strategies to navigate the economic storm of 2008.


As the mortgage crisis and the crumbling of our financial institutions shake the foundation of our retirement portfolios, our savings, homes and businesses-what could be the good news? Leslie Grossman and Andrea March, the founders of the Women’s Leadership Exchange are visionaries and dedicated to the success of women in business. Hundreds of women left this summit meeting with the tools, network, knowledge, inspiration and excitement for the future, to navigate their businesses in this very challenging time in our history.


I confirmed for myself during this summit, that every economy has its opportunities. Hard times are times for creative solutions, new alliances and businesses that offer value to their customers and clients. Within 1 day of my 12 hours spent sharing incredible business experiences and intelligent solutions I started my new company:

 Living Home By Debra, LLC  “Ancient Solutions for Modern Questions”. Along with my real estate expertise I will now offer Feng Shui consultations to improve energy (Qi) in the living environment which encourages good fortune, peace and long life.


One month after the Women’s Leadership Exchange Summit, I am President of a new company! Please listen for me on XM Radio on December 15th at 1:00 on Martha Stewart’s show “Living Today”.


The Women’s Leadership Exchange has conferences around the country. Do not miss this opportunity in such a challenging market. Prefer a Spa Weekend to connect in a more intimate setting? Go on the website and check it out. These ladies have changed my business with the WLE leadership program (LEXCI) and improved my life with new and supportive friendships.

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